Who We Are


A leading company in the field of laboratory equipment

The company was founded in 2003, where the company worked at the time as a distributor for the products of other companies

We were and still are the best distributors for companies


The company then started to strengthen its services and keen to provide the best prices to its customers through the import

So the company has its own products traded in the Egyptian market and extend its services to reach the processing of the whole lab

(Hardware - Chemicals - Supplies)

Products characterized by the company

Centrifugal devices of different types
company's policy
- Saving time and effort on the customer by providing a special car for the company
- The customer has the opportunity to choose between local or imported products
- Wholesale and retail sale
- A dedicated sales team ready to assist the customer
- Payment in different ways
We are not the only ones ... but we are always looking for excellence